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In the time of severe trials the conflict of higher state power has become the main theme of public life, further disorganizing the governance of the country. Relying on the fact that victory continued to be a core value for most population, liberal figures intimidated by its inability governments to wage war. The loss of the prospect of quick and glorious victory, For a long time, the former core of social life, uniting the most different political views, has generated with varying degrees of clarity the perception of necessity measures to increase the effectiveness of governing the country. The provincial population, having many wishes for the highest authorities saw in it the very source of necessary improvements public order. Public life on the periphery did not differ intensity and organization. The increasing activation of the worker the movements and the appearance of the anti-bourgeois sentiments of the urban lower classes caused by a progressive deterioration of the material situation proletariat, while not having a deliberately anti-government, but rather spontaneous pro-government coloring. In the eyes of wide the masses of the degree of guilt for the decline in living standards consistently

Decreased from merchants, closest to the people, urban public administrations and zemstvos to the provincial administration, government and finally the king who seems to have avoided accusations of personal responsibility for the emergence of shortages and high prices. World War I certainly spawned crises in economic and social life Orlovschiny. However, the crisis could be overcome competent state policies that are adequate to the conditions total war and did not prejudge followed after him catastrophe. Study of the situation in the Oryol province during World War I gives grounds to assume that the collapse of the Russian statehood is not It was prepared by widespread widespread negative processes on periphery. Extreme impoverishment phase that could trigger revolutionary processes in the provinces, at least in Oryol province, by February did not come. The state of degradation implies