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Russia’s entry into world war radically changed how objectives of economic policy, and the conditions for its development and implementation. In time of war reveals a failure of private trade initiative and the need for state and public intervention in private trade, one of the forms of which were urban purchasing operations and card system. However within existing conditions the full municipalization of the supply of cities was is impossible. Private initiative continued to be the main food source in cities, so city offices were forced to assist her. Received widespread agreements of city councils and private merchants based on cargo discharge in city council address Thus, in providing urban population essential commodities were connected by private trade and organizational benefits of self-government.

Inside the Oryol province consumer regulation It began with measures against unreasonable price increases and concealment of goods. Mandatory decrees of the governor and taxes were sent to this prices taken by city governments. Control for the observance of those and others is the responsibility of the police. On the sluggishness police officers are part of the responsibility for the fact that the people of the province suffered from high prices. However, the rise in prices was caused by objective reasons independent of the arbitrariness of individual traders inflation and reduced production. City public administrations and zemstvos tried to fight shortage of basic necessities by organizing their own trade and card distribution. However, these measures could not quite normalize the state of the consumer market, since financial self-management capabilities were insufficient for large-scale commodity interventions that can affect the speculative mood of local markets. Lack of centralized integration of production and consumption reduced the reliability of the card system.

Supply of goods for distribution on the cards over time became less regular. In the face of the emerging threatening situation in the economy the government did not take any measures to combat inflation creation of a centralized supply system for the rear population. AT in such conditions, any actions of the administration or local authorities individual regions could not succeed. The absence of consistent economic policy was one of the manifestations political powerlessness of higher power.